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Warehouse Painting Contractor and Anti graffiti painters and
not sure how much you need painted
We can also provide with our Time & Material Division


We are a commercial and industrial
 painting contractor
working in the USA. If you are looking
 for a painting contractor, contact us for all industrial complexes or commercial painting including: High rise buildings, Apartment Complexes, Condominium complexes, Townhouses, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals, Parking structures, Water Towers and Schools.  If you are interested in   industrial painting services or commercial painting services in California

 Robert 208-371-7757


 Toll free 1-877-749-5554.

 Fire Retardant Painting, Acrylic Wall Texture,Anti graffiti Painting,Thermal Painting,Industrial Paint Coating

 See our  Anti graffiti   Painting Division

Pipes - Steel Girders -Tanks
Special coatings - Factories -Stadium seating structures & Light poles - Bridges Towers Processing plants  Industrial facility Heavy - Equipment

Factories  - Chemical Plants

Our Company has been in business
for over 25 years. 

 Large multi building
Apartment  & Condominium complexes,

Waater Towers Water Tanks Water Towers

1 - Shopping Malls
2 - Condominium complexes
3 - Apartment Complexes
4 - Hospital
5 - Casinos
6 - Parking structures
7 - High-rise buildings
8 - Hotels
9 - Water Towers
10 - Industrial Complexes
11 - Schools  

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  Man power is no problem! 
 7 Days a week. Day & nightshifts.


USA Commercial Painting 

 is a company of Great Western Painting
Paint Removal & Cleaning
- Paint Removal - Interior or Exterior
- Deck, Fence, Porch, Patio - Clean and Seal
- Exterior Surfaces - Power washing
- Exterior Surfaces - Sandblasting

Ware house painting contractor, also
a Commercial & Industrial painting contractor

Anti graffiti Painting Contractor


Exterior Painting or Staining Contractor
- Exterior Home or Structure - Paint or Stain
- Deck, Fence, Porch, Patio - Clean and Seal
- Liquid Spray-On Siding
- Paint Metal Roofing

Interior Painting or Staining
- Interior Home or Surfaces - Paint or Stain
- Specialty Painting - Faux Finishes
- Specialty Painting - Mural or Trompe Loeil
- Specialty Painting - Textures